Application for Service Families Accommodation (SFA)

On receipt of an Assignment Order, occupants of SFA, in accordance with JSP 464 Pt 1 Chapter 8, are to:

Notify their existing HIC that they are assigned within 14 days of receipt of the Assignment Order (unless they are deployed on operations or at sea when this may not be possible, in which case they are to notify the HIC within 14 days of their return).

If appropriate, submit an application for SFA to the appropriate HIC (or overseas housing provider) at their new duty station.

If appropriate, submit a request for retention of their current SFA to their existing HIC.

An electronic version of the MoD Form 1132, Application to Occupy SFA, has been made available on the Defence Intranet.  Provided by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, the e-1132, which provides advice and could help speed up your application, is available on the Admin tab of the Defence Intranet, or it can be found at  <