864 Marham DF Air Cadets

Recently cadets of 864 Marham DF Air Cadets visited RAF Marham’s Engineering and Logistics Wing Training Cell, where they received a tour of the facility and an insight into the Tornado GR4’s weapons systems.

The Cadets also had the chance to see the aircraft up close and a number of them experienced the opportunity to sit in the cockpit. The aircraft technicians also pointed out the key instruments in the cockpit explaining their purpose. A thoroughly good time was had by all of the cadets, thank you to everyone who looked after us on the day.

864 Marham DF Air Cadets are currently recruiting, so if you are aged between 13 and 17 and interested in aviation, action or adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you are in the right place.

For more information visit online at www.raf.mod.uk/rafmarham/stationfacilities/atc.cfm and contact Tony Hall on 07900 518153.

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