207 Sqn

Festive greetings to all of our colleagues, friends and neighbours in the
RAF Marham community! 

As a busy 2019 draws to a close, the task of training the next generation of F-35 pilots continues into 2020 at
207 Squadron.
During October and November, 207 Squadron sent 2 of our F-35B Landing Signals Officers (LSOs) to HMS Queen Elizabeth to help train 617 Squadron and assist 17 Squadron in Carrier Qualifications.  The 2 LSOs are qualified F-35 flying instructors and both have a fine pedigree in the art having served onboard the US Navy and the USMC’s aircraft carriers on operational deployments.
Back home, the remainder of 207 Squadron’s personnel have been extremely busy generating aircraft for the flying schedule, instructing the now 2 courses of new F-35B pilots, as well as training up another pilot to be a future F-35B Qualified Flying Instructor.  The Squadron is responsible for taking a pilot who has never flown the aircraft all the way to the point where we can hand them over to the Front Line ready to deliver on operations.  As such, the task is many and varied and always begins with the very basics.  You may have noticed a lot more flying in the local area as we have been instructing the student pilots on how to fly “circuits”.  A circuit is the pattern that is flown when preparing to land with accuracy, precision and consistency being key to successful carrier operations which all F-35B pilots need to be comfortable and adept in.  Once the student pilots have mastered this skill in daylight it will be time to move onto the night phase where standards cannot be allowed to slip.
Work continues on preparing to move into our own purpose-built building which we hope to have achieved by Christmas.  Since coming back from the US, 207 Squadron have assisted 617 Squadron move into their building, where we have operated side-by-side, and used our years of experience operating the aircraft in the US to enhance the efficiency of the Lightning Force. 

While it will be sad to leave our junior colleagues behind it is important that we get into our own building so that 207 Squadron can continue to focus on the never ceasing production line of new F-35B pilots for the growing
Lightning Force.
We will be taking a much-earned break over the Christmas period but will hit the ground running in January as we prepare to embark on HMS Queen Elizabeth where, once again, 207 Squadron will continue to train all new F-35B carrier pilots.  In the meantime, thank you all for your help, patience and understanding over the past few months and we wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Semper Paratus!

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