Work Experience in RAF Marham

My name is Samuel and I am a student at the Nicholas Hamond Academy. I am currently doing Work Experience in the Media & Communications Office in RAF Marham.

I am finding it fun and I’m learning a lot about how the media works. But I’m not the only student doing work experience in RAF Marham…

Working with Rolls Royce are two students, one of which is Sebastian Southgate. Sebastian is from Lynn Grove Academy. Sebastian chose to come to RAF Marham because he has always wanted to be part of the RAF and he wanted to experience what personnel in the RAF do first hand. The student wanted to do his week of work experience with Rolls Royce because he has a real interest in the aircraft and wanted to take apart an aircraft and learn how they work. During his time with Rolls Royce he has drained oil from an aircraft, inspected the aircraft for damage and a lot of other technical and interesting activities. Sebastian Southgate said “I would definitely recommend doing work experience with RAF Marham to anyone because it is a great base and is very active.”

A student called Robert Innes who is from Framingham Earl High School has been with the Survival Equipment Flight (SEF). For the past week he has been doing many things; packing parachutes, dismantling and checking oxygen masks and lots more activities. Robert chose to come to RAF Marham because he is interested in getting a career within the RAF so he wrote the letter to get a place and was accepted. He chose to work with the SEF because he went on a camp with the Air Cadets and saw the SEF who were based there and found it very interesting. Robert Innes said, “I would definitely recommend RAF Marham for work experience because everything is very interesting and it is great if you are thinking of joining the RAF or are interested in flight.”

One of the four students from the Nicholas Hamond Academy, Gabe Thorneywork has been with the gym at RAF Marham for the last week. He says he chose RAF Marham because it was better than the other options he had looked at. He decided to work with the gym because he likes sport and thought that it would suit him. Through the past week he has been doing lots of active jobs, he has been doing circuit training designing circuits, helping out and a lot more. Gabe Thorneywork said “I would recommend RAF Marham because it is well organised, efficient and has opportunities to do whatever you want to do.”

I talked to Wing Commander Portlock and he told me that when he did work experience he went to Vinton PLC which is a company that makes cameras and some of them are used in the camera pods. He says that work experience helped to see what he wanted to do. “I think that it is really important for individuals to do work experience so that they can see how the skills they are learning can be used in the work place. It also allows  students to go back into school with a new perspective on work and education. Work experience really helps shape up and form what you want to do in your future life outside of school.”

Details of the 2016 Work Experience programme can be found at from the end of September.