Work Experience at RAF Marham

Every summer RAF Marham hosts a work experience programme, giving Year 10 (14 and 15 year olds) students the opportunity to enjoy a taste of life in the RAF. The successful applicants are allocated a week during the summer term, which they spend learning about work and life in one of the sections; placements can range from engineering and photography to air traffic control. For 2012 work experience opportunities details will be on the RAF Marham website from late September 2011, open to Year 10 students. Below is a report by Maddie Rochelle, a Year 10 student, following her week with the Media and Communications Office.

All of the young adults, I spoke with, who were attending the work experience programme, agreed what a great place RAF Marham was to work at for the week, one said: “It doesn’t get anymore real than working on an actual RAF base, and getting hands on with the nitty gritty.”

All of the work experience students understood they were exceptionally lucky to be trusted with so many important tasks during their one week of learning, under the watchful eye of their supervisors. “All of the crew are amazingly nice and the banter never ends. They strive for you to do well, they teach you, and inform you, but they are not short of smiles and making you feel welcome,” were the comments from the students.

Having just had one week of working at RAF Marham, all the work experience children get a real feel for what it would be like to work here, and the positive ethos and sense of community which makes them want to get into this profession even more. I myself worked in the media and communications office, and got to write this article, as well as one about the nursery open day.

Kirsten Riding who was working in the photo section said, “It was a lot of fun, I learnt a lot and got to do pretty much everything that my mentors did.” Kirsten’s mentor said this about work experience: “It is a fantastic opportunity for the youth of today to experience the day to day role of a profession which they potentially will progress to in later life.”

Jake Duggan and Daniel Campbell were doing PD training in the station gym; they said RAF Marham training sessions suited their needs and capabilities. “We’ve been doing lots this week; monitoring circuits, creating our own circuits, and learning good coordination and communication skills.” They added, “The gym has a good variety of equipment, there are spinning bikes, weights, and rock climbing.” Their mentor said “Working here for a week is not only an opportunity for them to improve their compositional abilities but also their interpersonal skills.”

Matthew Willett was primarily interested in tactical imagery, but unfortunately this is one area that RAF Marham can’t provide work experience for. Instead he worked in Logistics which is a forward delivery postal service for the RAF. “It’s made me realize that this is a very good job to have.” He said. “It has made me consider this as a possible career too and I would recommend working here to a friend.”

Nat Revell and Jordan Tennant were very lucky to get to work at IX (B) Squadron. “We were involved in the engineering, and got to go in the aircraft simulator; it was very interesting and hands on.”

RAF Marham takes in approximately 35 students a year to do work experience with them. Each child is treated as an individual, gets to learn new skills and techniques suitable to them and their ideal profession. If you haven’t yet decided where you would like to do work experience in the years to come, then definitely consider RAF Marham as your number one option.

Written By: Maddie Rochelle

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