Work Experience at RAF Marham

Work experience at Marham

RAF Marham offers a range of work experience jobs to the surrounding schools, to give them a chance to see what being in the RAF is all about.

The teenagers who took part in this year’s scheme at RAF Marham were given a multitude of options to choose from, ranging from working with the engineers in the hangars, to helping the local community in the Hive.

My name is Joe Plastow from Nicholas Hamond Academy in Swaffham and I joined the Media Office for the week to do my work experience. My task was to interview a few of the students who were doing work experience. During the interview, I asked them some questions surrounding around the main topic of work experience at RAF Marham, including “what kind of tasks have you been given to do during the week?” and “do you have any advice for future attendees to the work experience in RAF Marham?” I asked these questions to find out their opinion on their chosen options for this work experience.

I firstly went to interview Chloe Francis, a fellow student from Nicholas Hamond Academy, who was working at the Hive, a Community Information Centre for the personnel and their families at the base. I asked Chloe why she chose to do her work experience at RAF Marham, Chloe replied, “ I chose to do work experience in the Hive because I wanted to get an idea of how the Hive helps the local community as this is a possible job opportunity for me in the near future.” I then asked Chloe if she had any advice for people who were looking to do their work experience at RAF Marham? She replied, “To get a good start in your work experience placement, you need to look the part, so dressing appropriately is a good start. Secondly, you should show that you have a good set of manners, to show that you will be a respectable member of whatever company employs you.” To conclude, Chloe said that she has thoroughly enjoyed the work experience week at RAF Marham.

I also interviewed two students from Smithdon High School, Joe Long and Amy Doy, who were doing their work experience in the Station Gymnasium. They were taking part in work out sessions and helping keep the gym maintained. I asked them why they chose to do their work experience at RAF Marham, and they replied “I decided to do my work experience at the gym as I am interested in going to the gym, and I am also interested in sports, so the gym was the perfect place for me to do my work experience.” The second question I asked was, “Do you have any advice for people wanting to do work experience at RAF Marham?” Joe and Amy replied “They should take part in all the activities offered and use this as a great opportunity to learn and to discover new things.”

Details of next years work experience programme and the application process will be displayed on the RAF Marham website at at the end of September.