Women’s Running Courses for Beginners Fun, Fitness & Friendship

A new course for women who fancy getting into running has been started by the KL Borough Council and may be just what you are looking for to improve your fitness as the winter months close in. Why not give it a go?

Why an all women course?
Some women may feel threatened by running with men who are often more competitive. Being with like minded women will encourage motivation and confidence.

But I have never run before!
We welcome women just like you. You will be shown how to run safely with warm-up and cool-down stretches, and will be surprised and delighted by your weekly improvements. The course progresses slowly; no-one is ever left on their own.

Beginners’ Courses
The courses are inspired by a previous initiative from Reebok called the Reebok Running Sisters! It led to many running/jogging groups being set up all over the country. The courses are open to women aged 16 to 65. They are fun-based with an ethos of “fun, fitness and friendship.”

The Borough Council in partnership with Lynnsport Ladybirds, now offer a six-week course for women at just £12. Course dates/times: Wednesdays 6.30 – 7.30pm starting 16th October, meet at Lynnsport, King’s Lynn.

What do I need?
A good pair of running shoes, good support bra and comfortable lightweight clothing preferably in layers you can add or take off depending upon the weather.

What Happens Next?
You will find the beginners course a welcoming and friendly experience. You will only run according to your own capabilities and will feel healthier and fitter. We will discuss with you at the end of the course how you may carry on running and you will be able to do this easily if you wish to with a women only running group. Perhaps you could aspire to run in the 2014 Bespak Grand East Anglia Run?

To apply for a course please complete the registration form at the back of this leaflet and return by 9th October with your cheque for £12 (payable to BCKL&WN). We will then send you further instructions and confirm your place on the course. Places are limited therefore early application is advised.

Further Information
The full Registration Form is available on the MarhamHub web site or available from the Borough Council’s Sports Development Unit 01553 81801.

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