What Lies in Store for the ISS-RAFCRL Partnership in 2013

Another year has begun and many more challenges lie in 2013 for the ISS-RAFCRL Partnership. 2012 saw the partnership develop as ISS became more and more involved with the Station and the Community.

The launch of the Loyalty Card was well received and continues to get more and more use throughout all outlets. Remember it is three points earned for every pound spent in any of the ISS outlets, and these can be redeemed at any time in any outlet where the system operates. The system is still in its early stages, however look out for points promotions in the future.

Although Christmas has passed the most heart warming story of 2012 happened over the festive period and will continue throughout 2013 and longer. During a visit to Santa’s Grotto in The Bull Lounge area Elly Clough asked Santa for something very special, and a few days later Jill Arthur, the manager, was asked a very special request via Facebook which read, Hi Jill, I’m wondering if you can help at all. I live at Marham and 12 weeks ago I had a little girl, she’s never been home and is currently being treated in Great Ormond Street. Last week I brought my six year old to see Santa and all she wishes is for her sister home. If all goes to plan, our baby is coming home on Christmas Eve for two days. I’m wondering if you can fulfil a Christmas wish and ask your Santa if he could deliver our baby to the door, If this isn’t possible, please don’t worry, Leanne Clough.

Not being one to shy away from customer’s requests or challenges, and being a very good friend of Father Christmas Jill couldn’t refuse and set about arranging Elly’s request. Jill made contact with Leanne through facebook, and emailed Father Christmas and one of his elves to see if they would be available to “deliver” Emilia on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve baby Emilia was collected from the Bull & Bowl and taken to Married Quarters and sister Elly by Father Christmas and Leigh Elf. Needless to say Elly was delighted to have Emilia home for Christmas, the something very special that she had asked for when in Santa’s Grotto. NOW TRY TELLING ME THAT THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS FATHER CHRISTMAS! Well done Jill, Father Christmas and his little helpers for making a young girl’s Christmas wish come true, and demonstrating how ISS work with the local community. And the real good news, Baby Emilia is now living at home with Mum, Dad and big sister Elly.

So that was last year leading into the present, and already there have been changes, with Costa Coffee arriving and proving extremely popular in Louis’ Bar.

By the time that Marham Matters is published the new Menu in the Bull Lounge Café Bar area will, we hope, be well established. The menu has been developed using feedback from the customer, and it is aimed to continue “refreshing” the menu every six months with the aid of customer feedback. So please help us to help you by letting us know what you would like to see improved.

On the entertainment side, All Ranks monthly events are being planned in The Grafton Club, with a Comedy Night in April, with an “Open mike” session during the evening for any budding comedians amongst you. Other events will focus on raising funds for RAFA, SSAFA and The RAF Benevolent fund, amongst others. More details of these events will be published nearer the time.

Pay As You Dine (PAYD) continues to become more accepted, and with a bigger footfall, the Chef management team have introduced more options on a daily basis, one of the most popular is the lunchtime Roast Meal on a Tuesday and Thursday. Proposals for the future include Family Roast lunches on a Sunday and regular theme nights.

In partnership with the RAF it is the intention of ISS to provide the best service possible. We value your custom and we rely on your thoughts and opinion on how ISS can improve their service to satisfy you, the customer. Please do not hesitate to “Tell us what you think.” This can be done in several ways, including visiting www.iss-rafcrl.co.uk and selecting the feedback drop down menu, alternatively you can contact the General Manager on Ext: 7252 or the Marketing Communications Manager on Ext: 7938.

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