What Information are you Sharing Online? Always ‘Think Before You Share’!

The Internet has become an integral part of life, both personal and professional. The Ministry Of Defence encourages Service and Civilian personnel to take full advantage of internet channels to talk about and explain the work you do.
However, whether in a personal or a professional capacity, it is important to remember that the Internet also exposes you to risks; depending on the information you choose to release you may even expose your colleagues, friends and family to substantial risks to their security and/or privacy. Guidelines exist to ensure you can have a full and positive online experience and you can find useful information at www.blogs.mod.uk/onlinesecurity. Your unit communication officers will also be able to advise.

It is important to remember that you need to remain security aware not only when using Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels. You or your family may use websites where you may be asked to provide sensitive personal information, including, for example, your current post within the Services or service number. Are you sure that the information you provide will be transmitted, handled and stored securely? If appropriate measures are not in place, personal details could be intercepted thus putting you and those close to you at risk.

We do support the objectives that underpin ‘keep in touch’ or activity websites aimed at Service personnel and their families – used safely they can provide valuable support. But we would like to remind you always to ‘think before you share’.