Visible Changes in the Super Catering, Retail & Leisure Partnership

September saw the biggest impact of Super CRL since the mobilisation of the ISS-RAF CRL Partnership at RAF Marham.  The implementation of PAYD in all Messes, refurbishment of Louis’ Bar, The Grafton Club, the Community SPAR and redecoration of the Lounge Bar in the Bull & Bowl.

Whilst still in its embryonic stage, personnel are getting acquainted with the PAYD system. Diners in all Messes have been asked to complete “feedback” forms and through this many questions have been asked, issues raised, problems identified and where possible resolved. In general the new system has been well received, there have been setbacks, but as diners become more accustomed to the new style of catering there has been an increase in footfall in all Messes by living-in and living-out personnel. The menus are constantly under review and being further developed. The General Manager would like as much feedback as possible to help improve the service provided by ISS. Customer forums are being organised in all areas of Catering, Retail & Leisure and should you wish the ISS-RAF management team to visit your section for a forum please contact the ISS office to arrange a suitable time to come to your venue.

Louis’ Bar and the Grafton club have been transformed through refurbishment, although not yet in use the official launch of the Grafton Club will be on Thursday 10th November when RAFA are sponsoring a “Top Gun” 25th Anniversary function, tickets will cost £10:00, there will be a Band, a Disco and the possibility of a Radio1 DJ and celebrities in attendance. Tickets will be limited so be advised to get them early. The Grafton Club committee are working hard to ensure the return of the Thursday night disco at the earliest opportunity. Louis’ Bar now has a more relaxing atmosphere, and has become very popular for meals during the day. It is proposed to extend the opening hours to cater for personnel throughout the working day. The mid-month Friday night discos have recommenced and plans are afoot to have midweek entertainment with Quizzes and Bingo on the agenda.

The newly decorated Bull & Bowl recently held a ‘SKOOLDAZE’ event organised by the staff. This was extremely well attended and proved to be a successful first event in the Social Calendar, with adult and children’s entertainment being planned well into next year.

Refurbishment has been completed in The Community SPAR Shop, with the official opening taking place on 26th October, which coincided with the planned Community Day. With the last major refurbishment completed at the end of October the SPAR Convenient Shop has been transformed, using the existing floor space to better effect, and there will be a Real Bean Café as part of the new complex. More details can be found on the ISS-RAFCRL website at

The Bapmobile continues to gain popularity throughout the Station, the route can be found on the website, and should your section wish to be included on the route please contact the ISS office on Ext: 7938.

The lead up to Christmas will see more Challenges and Events throughout RAF Marham for the ISS-RAFCRL partnership. The Grafton Club Committee are in liaison with Warrant Office Catering to ensure that the Junior Ranks Christmas Function on 8th December will be as traditional and successful as those in the past.