TIW Sky Dive in Aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust

A team from the Tactical Imagery–Intelligence Wing (TIW) recently took part in a Tandem Sky Dive in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust for which they raised over £850 for the Charity.

The idea to do the Sky Dive, which took place at Beccles Airfield, came from Janet Short, PA to OC TIW. She has been raising funds for the Anthony Nolan Trust for some time and having always wanted to experience the feeling of freefall thought that this would be a great way of achieving that aim for a good cause.

She quickly recruited a team and although they were not all so enthusiastic about jumping, they nevertheless entered in to the spirit of the event trying their best not to show any nervousness at the thought of jumping out of an aircraft at 13,500ft!

The day itself could not have been better with clear blue skies and only a very moderate breeze. The team comprising Major Gary Walker, Flight Lieutenant Katie Issitt, Corporal Claire Watts, Senior Aircraftsmen Louie Wind-Cowie and David Yeomans were also joined for the jump by Sergeant Stu Dobson an experienced parachutist who offered reassuring words to the team.

Having received a certain amount of training and been fitted up in the appropriate kit it was time for the team and instructors to climb into the aircraft which, it is true to say, by the time it was loaded, was full to capacity. Sitting crammed in and squashed on the floor as the aircraft climbed to the drop altitude added to the well hidden and yet obvious tension.

It was, in fact, almost a relief when the aircraft side door slid open and one by one we shuffled to the opening to momentarily hang on the edge before dropping head first towards the ground. Although it seemed longer, it was only seconds before levelling out for the 6,000ft freefall and having reached terminal velocity of 120mph the sensation of actually dropping disappeared, allowing a short time to admire the beautiful English countryside below.

With some relief the chute cracked open at 6,500ft and following a massive deceleration, the remainder of the drop was a graceful glide down to the drop zone below, that is apart from one member who asked to be shown what the chute could do and after a number of very tight twists and turns just managed to hold off from being sick, which was just as well for those already on the ground.

With the team back together safely on the ground it simply remained for a final photo and to collect the individual certificates to prove that the jump had actually been completed. All in all it proved to be an exhilarating and rewarding day for all and another very successful charity fund raising event for the Wing.

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