Tips for Protecting Your Home During the Winter Season

During the last few winters the UK has seen some of the coolest temperatures for some time, reaching well below freezing, and this region in particular has seen considerable amounts of snow and ice.

The cold wintry weather posts a host of hazards to your home. One of these hazards that could potentially cause huge amounts of damage to the property and also to the contents of your home is burst pipes. Water pipes  are prone to burst in the cold weather, particularly if your home is left empty for any period of time. Bursting pipes occur when frozen water causes a pressure build up between the ice blockage and the closed tap.

To help to protect your home from frozen pipes it is important that when you leave to go on holiday, you must ensure you leave the heating on low (15°C) during the cold weather, turn the water off and arrange for a neighbour to visit the property periodically.

If there has been a major water leak in your home you should:
• Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock (this may be located under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, hall or under the stairs)
• Once the main water supply has been switched off, drain the system by turning on all taps
• If the leak is affecting the electrical system, turn off the electricity supply at the main fuse box
• Call the MHS Customer Helpdesk and advise them where the leak is

If you have any issues with the heating system in your SFA you need to call the MHS customer helpdesk (0800 707 6000) who will make an appointment for a heating engineer to visit your property.

MHS Response Priorities Winter Season
Our winter season is between 31st October and 1st May and MHS will respond to events such as total loss of water or heating as an Emergency. We will endeavour to attend an Emergency appointment within three hours  and make the situation safe within 24 hours. An operative will investigate the problem and where possible make an immediate fix. Where a repair requires parts or further work a separate order will be raised. MHS will contact you to arrange another appointment and aim to rectify the problem within five working days. MHS can provide electrical heaters where required and customers are reminded that verbal appointments made with operatives will not be guaranteed.

If you have any ongoing heating issues or any other housing related queries you wish to discuss face to face then please call into the CAP office. Marham CAP is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm and is located on the 1st Floor, 3 Woodview Road.

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