Timing of Second Offers for Service Family Accommodation

MoD policy currently gives DIO Operations Accommodation 15 working days to provide an offer of a Service Family Accommodation property (SFA), following the acceptance of an application.

If that offer is turned down for personal reasons, the policy in the past did not establish how long DIO Ops Accn has to provide a second offer.

Following a review, it has been agreed to introduce a timeframe whereby the HASC is required to make a second offer.

From 1st May, the HASC will make a second offer within 15 working days of the first offer being rejected for personal reasons. This change should help to reduce the number of personnel awaiting a second offer.

Should the second offer be further rejected for personal reasons, then the Chain of Command and the single Service Housing Colonel will urgently review the matter.

Processes for the e1132 have been updated to reflect the 15 working days response timeframe for both the First and Second offers.

Before you refuse any offers please contact the SCSO for advice.

For further advice please contact the SCSO on 01760 446052 or Ext: 6052, mrm-cssscso@mod.uk or visit the office at 3 Woodview Road.

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