Think About Child Safety


Near miss incidents are still occurring on the roads around the Rainbow Nursery and Infants School.

Once again it is necessary to report that hardly a week goes by when a near-miss incident involving a car and child isn’t reported in the vicinity of the Rainbow Nursery and Infants school.

The roads around both schools are narrow and congested at the best of times, this exacerbated at the start and end of each school day. Everybody is therefore urged to use the utmost caution when taking their children to school and picking them up.

Whilst it is recognised that some will have to use their cars to get their children to and from school we would urge everybody using their car to question whether the journey is really necessary and everybody who can walk their children to and from school are asked to do so.

In addition parents should be mindful of the traffic at all times and drivers must take the utmost care when negotiating the roads around the school and parking. Small children will be below the usual line of vision from wing and rear view mirrors and may therefore not be seen.

The plea is therefore to leave the car at home if at all possible to do so and to take the utmost care, whether on foot or in the car, at all times around the RAF Marham families quarters and schools.

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