The Driving Weekend Experience Team

The Driving Weekend Experience (DWE) Team presented the first of this year’s cheques to RAF Marham’s Charity and Welfare Committee.

The DWE team presented a cheque for £6,000 to the chairman of the Charity and Welfare Committee, Wg Cdr Dharamraj who added “Thank you to the Driving Weekend Experience Team for this much needed boost to our fund. The Charity and Welfare Committee have had a close relationship with the DWE Team over the years and I’m pleased to see this continue. My committee receives many requests for assistance and thanks to regular income like the DWE events we can continue to help others.”

The DWE events have been running since 2005 and have raised over £185,000 for RAF Marham’s Charity and Welfare Committee. This year’s season continues with the next three mile track event planned for the 18th and 19th August. This event is open to anyone who meets the strict security vetting procedure and booking is easy. Just go to

RAF Marham’s 2012 DWE season started with the Mitsubishi Lancer Register (MLR) 30-130 event in March attracting 110 high performance cars. Marham’s runway surface has been chosen as the perfect venue to fully test their machines safely whilst testing and improving our own action plans and procedures for future events.

You may have heard the term 0-60mph when comparing car performance but these vehicles are so powerful that if they were to carry out a full power standing start the gearbox could explode! A 30-130mph event was devised as a way of comparing performance whilst maintaining some reliability.

The MLR 30-130 event is main runway only course. A calibrated ‘V’ box speed and time measuring device is used in each vehicle for a true, official time. Performance figures are then compared at the end of the day. Due to length of the runway the event also provides an opportunity for drivers to achieve a top speed if they so wish. One such top speed was 218.01mph, officially breaking the world record for a Nissan GTR!

The massive amount raised to date is thanks to all supporting sections and personnel who have given up their time to help ensure these events continue to run safely and successfully. Without this help we simply couldn’t continue. Thank you!

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