SWO’s Spree Update Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

As a matter of courtesy I write to give one and all a basic update on the SWO’s Spree 2012.

It’s only fair to say that we are making headway but could do better. In essence the spree was met with a positive approach. However, as with everything new, the novelty very quickly fades and as such it’s up to me to reinvigorate one and all and restore the initial enthusiasm.

No sooner was the Spree announced, I am pleased to report Station Operations Flight stepped up to the mark “grabbed the Bull by the Horns” and set about picking up litter along the Station main road off base. In all over six large bin liners were filled, being so close to the airfield it is worth remembering that litter is also FOD it has now become apparent that this task will need completing on a regular basis.

If your department is interested in helping do its bit, please let me know.

As a married accompanied airman I am subject to my wife’s view of RAF Marham. Soon after our arrival Mary highlighted the need for a separate briefing for newly arrived spouses. Once again I am pleased to inform you that this has now started with the actual event being conducted once a month in conjunction with the Home Alone meetings. Briefings are conducted away from the normal gathering and include an array of very short presentations highlighting those all important areas needed by our supporting spouses. Details of these and all other events can be found at the Station Hub / Hive and also the new on line Marham Station Hub web page.

The following are other Spree ongoing projects, Single Living accommodation has been assessed with newly appointed OIC’s and deputies identified. Many departments have or are developing garden areas in preparation for this year’s Diamond Jubilee, Station Grounds Maintenance plan to make all existing Station flower beds red, white and blue. Please note, permission is needed before any digging is to take place on camp.

Unsightly abandoned cars, caravans etc are slowly being removed, should you be the owner of one and especially if it’s not registered then watch out!

Monday 21st May was a one off event for Bulk Rubbish, and presented an ideal opportunity for those in Service accommodation to discard unwanted Bulk Rubbish. Fly tipping remains an issue on camp and anyone caught will face the full penalty. I strongly recommend you seriously refrain from fly tipping. The fines involved are massive!

Dog Walking Area / Old Sports Pitches / Black Top Car Park. In general, it’s the owner’s children who fail to clear up after dog fouling. The said area will be transformed soon to include more waste bins along with up to date signage. With that in mind, dog owners please respect other area users and pick up and dispose of any waste.

In addition other ongoing projects include: A selection of schools education projects. ‘Road Reps’ for Service Accommodation and a Royal Oak Tree Jubilee Garden.

Any feedback, both positive and negative, issues which you are concerned about and ideas you may have, must be directed to the SWO Ext: 7208.

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