Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help is one of the UK’s leading Armed Forces Charities.

They have been supporting the Forces and their families for over 125 years, making them one of Britain’s most trusted charities.

Whether you are currently serving in the Forces or have served in the past, SSAFA can provide direct financial, practical and emotional support to you and your family. SSAFA’s network of volunteers and staff give experienced, non-judgemental and friendly advice, and provide practical services that cover a range of social, family and financial issues.

So after 125 years of service to families, past and present, SSAFA have had a re-think about themselves. Probably everyone within the armed forces, know who SSAFA are, some of you may actually be able to say what SSAFA stands for without getting it mixed up and without looking at the heading above. But SSAFA felt that not enough people knew who they were, especially those external to the armed forces. SSAFA needed to communicate its role in a more focused and succinct manner so that they could reach more clients and supporters. So, SSAFA is taking itself forward with new branding, and to help make their purpose clear have added a descriptive strap line explaining exactly what they do!

As of the 10th April 2013, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association – Forces Help, will simply refer to themselves as “SSAFA”. No need to explain what SSAFA stands for, they are now “SSAFA”, which is what you all know them as. The new SSAFA brand identity is much more than just a name change and a new logo. SSAFA have put “family” at the heart of the new identity and articulated a clear purpose, to provide “lifelong support for our Forces and their families.”

Did you know SSAFA Marham have…
• Its own Personal Support & Social Work Service: Tom Smith and Liz Smith are based in the SSAFA office, near the main SPAR outside camp. They can be contacted on 01760 446051 or 446900

• Its own team of SSAFA Community volunteers who regularly support RAF Marham families and individuals with practical help and support

• Its own fundraising committee who last year help raise and donated just under £4,000 to help families all within the RAF Marham community

All funds raised by SSAFA Marham stay within the RAF Marham community!

Are you interested in helping out and joining the SSAFA Marham team? We need volunteers to act as committee members and fundraisers. Please contact:

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