Register of Electors

The 2013 electoral registration exercise will be starting on 1st October. On or around that date all households on the service families accommodation estate will receive a registration form.

Completion and return of the form is both important and obligatory. Non-registration will lead not just to loss of the right to vote but could also cause significant problems in the event that an attempt is made to use a service that relies on a check of the register.This includes most if not all kinds of financial service ranging from a request for a mail order catalogue through to an application for a mortgage. The only service personnel who do not need to register are those who are already registered as service voters, but even then return of the form is required noted to that effect.

An early reply to the form, preferably by free phone, internet or text, would help to keep costs down. Details of how to use these services will be on the form but unfortunately they are only available to those people who have no change to report. Anyone with a change must post the form back.

A Helpline is available on 01553 616773 in the event of any queries.