RAFA Give as you Earn Payments Through JPA

The Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) has increased the amount of their monthly membership subscriptions recovered through JPA from £1.77 to £2.03 per month with effect from the January 2013 pay statement. The annual gross cost of RAFA membership will therefore be £24.36; however after tax relief the actual amount payable will be £19.50, which is the same as other Ordinary Members are already paying.

If an individual member pays tax at the higher rate they are able to claim back tax relief on these payments at 40%; but the onus is on the individual to do this through their annual tax return. In addition, if an individual is paying to more than one charity through GAYE, then their JPA payslip will only show the cumulative total, not each separate charitable donation.

Full details on the Royal Air Forces Association’s work with the serving community, our families and veterans, together with the benefits of becoming a member, can be found at: www.rafa.org.uk

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