RAFA Cake Sale

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the RAFA branches and RAFALO’s who donated their cake making skills to support this fundraising event.

The two branches that contributed were Norwich and King’s Lynn. The RAFALO’s who also brought in their home baked cakes were Cpl Charlie Breen, Cpl Noel Terry, Chf Tech Karl Holmes, Chf Tech David Laker and SAC Martin Munn.

SAC Munn proceeded to sell his own contribution of fairy cakes and cookies at AESF at the morning tea break. Chf Tech Holmes took care of the whole of the GE section including MTMS and SAC Tonks sold at the Survival Equipment Section.

This left Cpl Terry and Cpl Breen to cover the station visiting Supply and R&D, RAF Regiment, Fire Section, MT, C4I, Photo section, Station Medical Centre, DCRE, and SHQ.

We raised just under £200 for the RAFA fund. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank W/O Pollard and Chf Tech Holmes for their efforts in selling the RAFA name the bear competition at the Sergeants’ Mess Valentines Ball raising £130.

Thank you to all who brought our cakes and for anybody who we missed we will catch you next time!

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