RAF Sports Lottery, Win £20,000 Every Week!

RAFWRA Beginners week July 2009

What is the RAF Sports Lottery?
The RAF Sports Lottery was established in 1993 to provide funding for sport and adventure training in the RAF. We provide over £1.35m in grants per annum to support individuals, Units and sports associations with funding towards equipment, kit and travel for sporting endeavours. The funding also provides the facilities and resources for all RAF personnel to experience the benefits of sport.

How has RAF Marham benefited?
Over the past year RAF Marham personnel have won a staggering £90,512 in the weekly prize draws. The 45 lucky winners have included four top prize wins as well as the top prize in our special Olympic draw, winning £12,012!
RAF Marham has benefited from £8,000 of Lottery grants in the past year towards a sailing and canoeing expedition and a football and hockey tour. In addition, £5,000 was granted to help expand the Kite Surfing Club in 2012.

How do you get involved?
Membership of the lottery is open to all serving RAF personnel, retired RAF, RAF Reserves, VRT and UAS Officers. Tickets cost 75p per ticket per week and you can hold up to five tickets.

As a member of the lottery not only are you supporting sport in the RAF but you have the chance to win one of £20,000 worth of prizes every week, with a top prize of £6,000! You can also benefit from grants to help offset the costs of learning a new sport, travelling with your Unit team, playing for the RAF or developing your skills on a coaching course.

For information on membership and funding please contact the Lottery team on 95237 7132 (Civilian 01296 657132) or visit our website www.raf.mod.uk/rafsportsboard/sportslottery. So go on have a go Everyone’s a winner with the RAF Sports Lottery!

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