RAF Marham Tug of War Team


This year has seen great success for Marham’s Tug of War (TOW) team. In late May Marham fielded a team of five which included four novices in the sport for the Presidents cup at Cosford. Due to operational burden of the station, the team had struggled to get any practice or train together.

However with a mixed training session with other stations it came to the dreaded “pull off” Marham faced stiff competition from RAF Halton, but due to pure grit and determination Marham’s team became overall winners of the tournament and lifted the trophy at the end.

From this Competition SAC Williams and Cpl Cross went onto the following week to represent the RAF at the annual Gunner Pull hosted by the Army down at MoD Larknhill. The RAF team also had LAC Burrell from Marham included with a mixture from RAF Wittering in which the RAF proved they were no pull over’s, as they competed against eight Gunner Regiments in the Army.

Earlier this month on the 21st June RAF Cosford held the annual RAF Champs. This sees loads of stations compete against each other in athletics and TOW. Following the earlier success the station has held, Marham once against pitted a team into the competition with high hopes. Once again due to station commitments Marham struggled to get a team together. With a bit of luck and pestering SAC Williams finally managed to find 4 other team mates to go to battle with.

With a fierce rivalry between us and RAF Wittering, Marham knew it would not be an easy competition. With the battle lines drawn Marham kicked off the competition with a comfortable win over Wittering. RAF Halton’s mixed team put up a strong fight against Marham’s supremacy and held us on tenterhooks for a while. From an unfortunate slip on Halton’s behalf Marham managed to drive back and set up a final against Wittering.

With all to play for the two teams faced each other out knowing that either side was two pulls away from being made 2013 RAF champions. Unfortunately for Wittering it was not their day, but with great character they put up a good fight, but could not hold out against Marham’s power and determination.

This time last year Marham did not have a TOW team, but with great fondness of the sport SAC Williams and FS Law is trying to bring the sport back to the fore front. The RAF still has six competitions a year at service level and pick their teams from these competitions, and are always on the lookout for fresh new bodies to join in and take part with inter services and combined services still to compete in it’s not too late. Not only this Marham still has a competition at Hunstanton in August and are looking for people to come and take part and enjoy the sport.

If anyone is interested in having a go please contact SAC Williams on Ext: 7429.

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