RAF Marham Snooker Club 24 Hour Charity Event

Six members from the RAF Marham Snooker Club recently took part in a 24hr doubles snooker match.

However, this was no ordinary snooker match, as each player was required to wear their NBC suit whilst playing each shot. Again thinking that this was too easy, it was also decided that each team would have to score a minimum of 1,470 points throughout the 24hr period. This worked out that every 30 seconds; one point per team must be scored for us to have any chance of succeeding within the 24hr time frame.

Cpl Kaberry along with SAC’s Rhodes, Flint, Cook, Armitage and Hutton all took part in the event raising a staggering £1,300 for Help for Heroes.

The snooker match was followed by a charity raffle, which was a huge success raising almost half of the total raised. The prizes were donated by various local businesses from around King’s Lynn and also businesses here at Marham. Without these kind donations we would not have been able to reach our target of £1,000, so a massive ‘thank you’ to all that helped us along our way.

The Snooker Club will now be setting up a snooker league and anybody wishing to take part in this should contact Cpl Kaberry on Ext: 6515 or SAC Rhodes on Ext: 5023. All ranks are welcome up to Warrant Officer including dependants. A small membership fee will apply to SNCO’s, WO’s and dependants, for more information contact the OIC or Deputy.

The Snooker Club wish to thank everybody who donated and also a big thank you to OC BSW for kick-starting the event by making the first break.

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