RAF Marham Recieves Top Award

Congratulations to Marham! The RAF’s Stainforth Trophy was presented to Station Commander Air Commodore Harvey Smyth by Air Marshal Greg Bagwell in recognition of the station’s outstanding contribution to air power.

The title is awarded annually and competition is very tough as the RAF’s bases each have their own specialisations and strengths. Marham has won the distinctive silver trophy for it’s efforts throughout 2014 when the base experienced an exceptionally high operational tempo.

Air Marshal Bagwell, now Deputy Commander of Operations and a former Station Commander of the Norfolk base commented that he was particularly delighted to be able to present the award to RAF Marham. “This award is for the personnel of RAF Marham, you must look at this with pride, you have earned this trophy during 2014 and many more years besides.” He went on to speak of the conflicts and operations across the globe which the station had supported, and how the past year had been one of unprecedented demands and workload. “The Station and it’s people have done everything which was asked of them, the way they have done the job has been inspiring. This [award] is for you and you deserve every bit of it, we could not have asked more of you.” He offered his congratulations and concluded by with comments on Marham’s bright future, with the Lightning F-35 at the heart of the RAF’s future capability.

RAF Marham’s Station Commander Air Commodore Smyth responded, “Today is a very proud day for Marham. It is very special to have Air Marshal Bagwell visit the station today and present this trophy and the trophy is  just reward for the team. Well done.”

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