RAF Marham Rainbow Centre Parent’s Day

On the 15th July the Rainbow Centre hosted their Parent’s Day for 2011. The day was a great way to kick off the summer and the weather was definitely on everyone’s side.

The day was a great opportunity for parents and guardians to see what the children do on a day to day basis. This year’s topic was fairy tales, stories, films and nursery rhymes with parents, staff and children dressed up in a variety of costumes from Buzz Light Year to Ladybirds and babies. The Lion King was a big part of the day too, with safari music playing in the background and the trim trail was decorated with a lion’s face made out of rice krispies and cornflakes. After the activities there was also a BBQ for the children to enjoy.

Dee Gent, the centre manager promotes the six areas of learning and all the activities on the day were based around this. There was face painting, a singer, a storyteller, a treasure hunt and safari trim trail to name a few. Each section of activities helped the children learn as well as has fun. For example the alphabet tent promoted communication, language, and literacy and the jigsaws and hook-a-duck promoted problem solving, numeracy and reasoning.

Neve aged 4 said “I enjoyed the singing and the animals in the trim trail.”

The Rainbow Centre provides a safe and stimulating environment from the ages of four months to 12 years, afterschool clubs included. They care for approximately 250 children per day and the staff encourage creativity, expression and fun whilst the children are being educated.

“It’s a really good opportunity to see what our children do everyday and just how safe they are and happy to go off and do their own thing. It’s also great to see just how hard all the staff work.” Says Mum Jo about the Parents Day.

Albert aged three who had been dressed up as Buzz Light year said “I really liked seeing all my friends, the face painting, and the hook-a-duck.”

Overall the Parents Day was a big success and all the children had a wonderful time. Dee Gent’s idea behind the Parent’s Day is that she is trying to “form strength and partnerships with parents in order to promote a holistic approach to the learning and development for the children in our care.”

Written & Photographed by Maddie Rochelle

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