RAF Marham Personnel Participate in Exercise Joint Warrior

Tornado’s from the station along with personnel from the Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing have been participating in a tri-service, multinational exercise. The exercise, named Joint Warrior provides high quality coordinated training for all three UK Armed Services and numerous visiting units from invited allied nations. The exercise took place in Northern England and Scotland with the aim to allow NATO nations to train together with progressing interoperability and capability development.

The Tornado’s from RAF Marham were tasked with capturing imagery using the Reconnaissance Air Pod for Tornado (RAPTOR) as part of the exercise which could then be used to support a scenario further into the three week exercise. Working with Tactical Imagery- Intelligence Wing the sortie was planned to capture imagery of certain areas of interest whilst factoring in such things as the weather conditions and the location of the Voyager tanker aircraft that they would need to meet with to re-fuel.

Flt Lt Chris Goodyer was the pilot for the sortie and took off from RAF Marham at 1030 hrs to make his way North to Spadeadam before moving onto north of Edinburgh, Leuchars and then to the Isle of Skye collecting imagery from these locations. After 2½ hours in the air the crew made their way over the North Sea to the East of Newcastle where they met up with the Voyager aircraft to take on more fuel. The aircraft then flew up to RAF Marham’s sister Station, RAF Lossiemouth to complete their mission before returning home to Marham.

Flt Lt Chris Goodyer said “Exercise JOINT WARRIOR provides a good opportunity for units to task, plan and conduct missions as part of a large joint package. During this exercise IX(B) Squadron have closely integrated with TIW who have deployed to our site for the two weeks. This helps us to better understand each other’s requirements when planning reconnaissance missions. It also replicates accurately how we will be operating during our upcoming HERRICK deployment. This particular mission flown provided valuable intelligence from a simulated missile site which can now be fed back into the scenario. The imagery gained from our RAPTOR pod will allow for possible follow up missions be it for land, maritime or airborne units.”

The images that had been collected by the RAPTOR pod were handed over to the imagery analysts who put together pictures of the area being used in the exercise scenario. These were then passed to the exercise planners to be used later on in the scenario.

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