RAF Marham Conduct Major Accident Exercise

Personnel at RAF Marham were put to the test at the beginning of May with a simulated accident on the Station to test their response to a major incident.

The aim of the exercise was for multi-agencies to participate in an event to test the response to an emergency arising at the base and to minimise the effect on the community and environment.

A simulated explosion was conducted at 0930 resulting in mock casualties and a variety of scenarios to test the RAF and local area emergency response teams. The routine exercise provided an opportunity for all the agencies to work together and to understand the different capabilities that each can offer. The event also allowed the Local Authorities and Emergency Services to test their off-site plans.

RAF Marham’s Station Commander, Group Captain David Cooper said, “Today’s exercise has been extremely valuable confirming that RAF Marham has a robust contingency plan in place for dealing with a serious incident. The exercise showed the strength of the relationship and superb co-ordination between RAF Marham and the regional authorities and Emergency Services.”

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