A Personal View of Work Experience at RAF Marham

During September last year, we were told that in July we had the chance to go on work experience at a place of our choosing.

I went away and thought about where I could possibly go. The Media and Communications Office at RAF Marham appealed to me as I enjoy writing and have an interest in the RAF, I know that are many sections and possibilities within the RAF.

First of all, I looked on the RAF Marham website where the Work Experience information is displayed and also information about the sections who were taking on students. Some of the sections included were Air Traffic Control (ATC), engineering and photography. Of all of the sections photography as well as Media and Communications really stuck out as something I thought I would enjoy doing for the week. I went on to see how I could go about applying for a placement. I filled in the forms and I then began to write a letter introducing myself, why I was interested in the position I was applying for, and also including any hobbies or responsibilities I held  within the community. Since a young age I have grown up around the RAF and it has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy a challenge and I’m totally willing to throw myself into any tasks I am given. I am a member of  the Senior Section in Guiding and I am a young leader at my local brownie pack. After submitting the letter in person I then waited to hear back from them.

It was early in March when I was told by my schools work-related coordinator that I had an interview with the Media Comms Officer and the Stations Engagement Officer from RAF Marham for them to get to know me better than the letter could enable them to. They get a gauge on how the interviewee works under pressure and also it gives us as the interviewee, a taste of what it will be like when in the future we do apply for a job. I was then lucky enough to be offered my chosen position in Media and Communications.

When I arrived on the Monday morning we had our passes sorted out and then went in to the Chaplaincy Centre. From there we had to fill in some forms and then were taken to our sections for the week. My position in the Media & Communications Office saw me doing all sorts, from writing articles, media monitoring, arranging diary entries and designing and creating a new media and engagement planning board to having a tour around 31 Squadron who are preparing to deploy later in the year.

Another Student also on work experience this week with me was Zineddine Bouilouta has said that he has found the whole week an eye-opener to the world of work. He has been situated in the HIVE, which is a team who support the RAF Community, and he has also been dealing with admin tasks. He has found the whole week very beneficial and also very much enjoyed it.

I have enjoyed everything so much and would definitely consider this as a job option in my later life!

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