PED Bulletin

Physical Training Leader
The PEd Flt would like to congratulate RAF Marham’s new PTL’s! After a two day course at DCAE Cosford learning practical and theoretical physical conditioning they are now qualified to conduct aerobic and circuit training.

• Cpl Ian Burton
• SAC Martin Cheesman
• SAC Christopher Munro
• SAC Daniel Poole
• SAC Robert Taylor
• SAC Michael Thomas
• SAC Ben Blewitt
• Cpl Luke Crabb
• SAC Gemma Hinton
• SAC Paul Humphreys
• Cpl Andy Johnson
• SAC(T) Ann Lindsay
• LCpl Tom Mackay
• SAC(T) Chris Maguire
• F/L Mal Medcalf
• Cpl Justin Nicholls
• SAC Paul Roney
• Cpl Jason Ruddoch
• SAC(T) Cieron Scriven
• Cpl Jonny Snelling
• Sgt Ann Thomas
• Cpl Charlie Vickers
• Cpl Craig Zenko

Please note the Multi-stage fitness test now has an online booking system which can be accessed via the Marham homepage. The Rockport walk test will still need to be booked through the PEd Flight staff.

Adventurous training
Exercise MEDSAIL 2012 is a Joint Services Sail Training Expedition taking place 23rd March to 16th September 2012. The aim of the exercise is to develop adequate rigour, robustness, initiative and leadership to deliver resilience that military personnel require on operations. It is open to all Regular and Reserve personnel.

For anymore information please contact Cpl Barnett Ext: 7094.

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