Pay as you Dine Implemented as Refurbishment Continues in Retail & Leisure Outlets

August was a busy month for the ISS-RAFCRL Partnership with the refurbishment of The Junior Ranks Mess and the two squadron feeders in preparation for the transition to Pay As You Dine, which commenced on September 1st.

The 16th August saw the “Tasting Day” when the Station was given the opportunity to have a “Taste of things to come” in the Junior Ranks Mess function suite. A well attended event which included sampling of food, the offers that diners would be able to choose from, pricing for the various offers and a better understanding of the new concept of PAYD. The event coincided with the arrival of the mobilisation team, whose role included giving all staff till training, making chefs aware of their new role and ensuring that the correct equipment, menu’s, delivery dates and signage would all be in place for September 1st. PAYD has seen the biggest change in RAF Catering since the introduction of the Daily Food Charge (DFC) in 1943 (amended in 1971), and it is PAYD that replaces the DFC. Members of the mobilisation and management teams were present in all Messes at 06:00 to witness how RAF Marham personnel would react to the first meal under the new system. Breakfast saw a slight reduction in the number of diners, but those there who were asked about the new system were pleased; with positive comments about pricing, although a little confused about was part of the Classic menu and what was not. Lunchtime in all three Messes and the II (AC) & 31 Squadron feeder saw a significant rise in the number of diners compared to breakfast, and not much of a reduction from the previous day. Generally diners were very impressed with the choice, pricing and quality of the food on offer, as they were with the evening meal. Several diners were very quick to make favourable comments which hopefully will bode well for the future of Pay As You Dine at RAF Marham.

September will have seen the completion of refurbishment of Louis’ Bar and the redecoration of The Grafton Club. ISS are working alongside the Junior Ranks Committee to bring regular entertainment back to these venues. Currently in the planning stage, RAFA are hosting a function on 10th November to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Top Gun”. Other events will be publicized in the near future.

Refurbishment should have been completed in the SPAR Community Shop, with a major refurbishment of the SPAR Convenient shop planned to be completed by the end of October which will see the present vending area and surrounding area becoming a Real Bean Cafe. The former Coffee Shop will be used as an alternative for shopping during this major project.

The Bull & Bowl has seen a rise in its use with the quiz being well attended on a Monday evening, and the return of the Football Season has seen the Sportsman’s bar well attended. The staff are currently planning social events for the whole family and a Halloween Night will be staged on October 29th. The menu is constantly being reviewed and a new Menu will be introduced in November. The Customer Comment Proforma’s and Customer Survey have provided an excellent feedback to improve the Service provided by ISS. A Focus Group with a cross section of personnel from RAF Marham has been formed to further help in ISS integrating with the community. More information can be found on the ISS-RAFCRL website