Parking Near Schools

Its that time of year again when our thoughts are about getting the children ready for school!

The rush of getting everyone into the car, remembering their lunches and PE kit, telling them off for arguing and with all the other consequent distractions and BANG! You’ve hit something or worse still, somebody!

Parking around our schools has always been difficult, especially at drop off and pick up times and drivers need also to be aware that small children may be below their line of vision, this all adding to the dangers inherent danger of the pedestrian, vehicle mix.

Of course, we would advise parents, wherever possible to avoid using the car to take the children to school, particularly if you live on the married patch as access to both the Rainbow and Infants school is restricted. However, if a car is essential, why not consider parking it at the rear of the infants in the Ash Road garage area, being careful not to block the garages themselves.

There are also parking spaces on the corner of Elm Road and Fen Road, which are close to the schools.

In addition now that there is a good and well used path between the married quarters and the Junior school in the village, there is also no reason why you shouldn’t leave the car at home and walk your children to and from school.

The message therefore is wherever possible leave the car at home when taking the children to school but above all else, take care, whether you are driving or indeed are a pedestrian near the schools and lets all have a very safe start to the school term.

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