Paralympic Reunion

In Marham Matters we have been following the progress of our resident champion Powerlifter Sgt Ann Thomas. Well, Sgt Thomas is set for, what is likely to be an emotional reunion with a young GB athlete who she talent spotted four years ago during a school visit.

Medal hopeful Zoe Newson was playing badminton when she was spotted by Ann and asked if she had ever considered Powerlifting as a sport. Zoe, who suffers from dwarfism, had previously taken part in the dwarf games but in athletics and football. Her transition to weights was remarkable and she demonstrated an immediate talent for the sport and has gone on to compete at World Championships as a junior and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and now the 2012 Paralympics.

Zoe credits Ann for her start in the sport and in an amazing twist of fate the pair will meet again in London. Ann, who was selected as a Flag Bearer for the RAF due to all of her own success over the last seven years in the sport of powerlifting, which is not an Olympic sport for able bodied athletes, is part of the victory ceremony for Zoe’s event.

Ann said “It is such an honour to there in the first place but now to see it all come full circle and not only meet up with Zoe again but potentially be part of a medal ceremony that could feature her is just amazing. To think it all started with her playing badminton; it is great to see how well she has progressed.”

Zoe recently sent Ann a message on Facebook following her selection for the Paralympics saying it would not have been possible without her. Powerlifting starts on the 30th August.

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