Offers from Utility & Insulation Companies to Improve Insulation

Various Utility and insulation companies continue to offer householders free or subsidised loft/cavity wall insulation.

Customers in Service Family Accommodation can take advantage of these offers if appropriate subject to the following conditions:
• That they use a reputable company that confirms that they have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

• They carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer to ensure they understand and accept they are liable to pay any additional costs – the MoD will not fund or pay for any costs incurred.

• Before any work commences or commitments are made, that they send the details of the offer and survey to their Housing Officer – who will contact a local Technical Officer to undertake a condition survey and check to ensure that no work is planned in the area to improve insulation.

• That they do not proceed with any work until they have been given the go ahead by their Housing Officer.

• They inform the Housing Officer once the work has been completed so it can be checked.

Finally, customers are responsible for ensuring that the contractors do not damage the property, and that they take up any issues with the contractors if damage occurs – the MoD is not liable and will not repair damage that results from the installation of insulation in these circumstances.

It is in the interest of customers to ensure the company is properly insured and repairs any damage, as the occupant will be liable to pay for any damage otherwise.

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