Occupant Consultative Meeting

The quarterly meeting was held at St. Andrew’s Church where the audience had a chance to put questions and points of view across to representatives of DIO Housing, MHS, ISS, Local Police and Station Welfare.

The situation with SFA is that Marham is currently full and all available SFA is either allocated or occupied. This has resulted in those posted into Marham, on occasions, having to wait for an allocation. There is therefore currently no flex for families to be moved within the Quarters at Marham unless it is due to increase in family size or circumstances such as welfare.

MHS are having problems with scheduling of their Engineers, which has caused problems for occupants who are experiencing difficulties in getting appointments and visits, even down to appointments being cancelled at short notice.

The complaints procedure at the MHS Call centre was raised again with examples being; Staff reluctant to give Customers “Complaint Reference Numbers” and all day appointments being offered then cancelled at the last minute.

The MHS Liaison Officer spoke at length on how the call centre should be operating and how the system with the scheduling is being looked at to see what needs improving.

Below are the steps for complaints procedure about the service being provided by MHS, if you require help and not sure where to go contact the SCSO in the CS Hub.

Modern Housing Solutions Occupant Complaint Process
The complaint process described below relates to the property maintenance service provided by Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) for your property.

Additionally you can contact the Station Community Support Officer (SCSO) in the CS Hub who may be able to help resolve the issue.

STAGE ONE Formal Complaint to MODern Housing Solutions
You can telephone, write, or Email the MHS Helpdesk to complain about an existing job or a job already carried out.

If you choose to write or e-mail, your complaint will be acknowledged in writing by return.

For all complaints, the Helpdesk will investigate the matter and you will receive a written response within ten working days.

The response will include a customer reference number and an explanation as to the resolution of the complaint.

The complaint will, in normal circumstances, then be considered closed once the response has been sent since the course of action to remedy the complaint will have been established.

MODern Housing Solutions
The Matchworks
Speke Road, Garston
Liverpool, L19 2PH

Email: Customercare@mhs.mod.uk
Tel: 0800 707 6000 (Option 3)

STAGE TWO Formal complaint to Defence Infrastructutre Organisation Operations Accommodation
If you consider that your complaint has not been adequately dealt with under Stage One, you can escalate your complaint further, in writing to Defence Infrastructutre Organisation Operations Accommodation at:-

Customer Services
Manager Defence Infrastructutre Organisation Operations Accommodation
Rm S201, Building 351
RAF Brampton
Cambs, PE28 2EA

If your complaint needs to be taken further then talk to the SCSO in the CS Hub.

If you have had a missed appointments, appointment cancelled or Engineer not turning up, then ask for your £20 Voucher and raise a complaint.

Modern Housing Solutions offering something new:
Emailing reminders of appointments. In the Spring MODern Housing Solutions (MHS) will start offering customers a choice to have their appointments confirmed by email instead of by letter.

In a survey last year, MHS customers voted overwhelmingly to introduce this idea, which aims to save paper and improve customer convenience and choice.

The next stage of the plan is to offer confirmation of safety inspections, such as the Gas safety inspection by email as well.

And this will be followed by the offer of text message reminders on the day before and on the day of your appointment.

Additionally you can provide up to three contact details for appointments normally the following; Home, mobile and work numbers, these will be passed to the Engineer.

You are entitled to either an AM or PM slot for appointments, not just an “all day” one and that you have to collect children from School, just let the operator know.

The General Manager for ISS at Marham, Andrew Hetherington, spoke with delight at being able to outline the plans for the Spar shops as well as the Bull and Bowl to those at the meeting. The Spar shops will be refurbished within the next few months and the other areas covered by ISS are being looked at, the feedback from those at the meeting was well received.

The Local PCSO gave a brief on what crime was happening in the local area and generally the crimes were minor. Speeding in the area was being monitored but the PCSO did ask if anyone had any issues to contact them. The other issue brought up was “Cold Callers” to the quarters, again if you are not sure don’t enter into any agreements and if you are suspicious contact the RAF Police or the CS Hub.

The next OCG meeting will be in September but you do not have to wait till then, if you have a problem with your SFA or want to have a say, then we hold a monthly Surgery in the Oasis Lounge (Home Alone) on the 3rd Friday of each month between 9:30am and 11am.