News from the Lightning Base Team

Those of you with keen eyes may have noticed that on Friday 13 May 2016 work commenced on the demolition of Hangar 3. With Balfour Beatty and Anglia Demolition at the ready, Air Cdre Harv Smyth, Gp Capt Rich Davies and media representatives were on site to witness this significant milestone in Project ANVIL , the F-35 Lightning infrastructure programme.  Even water cannons could not keep the Air Cdre away from having a spin on the huge hydraulic cutting machine!

Hangar 3 was a classic 1930’s hangar with a multi-pitched roof, which most recently was used for Tornado Depth engineering at RAF Marham.  Whilst demolition has marked the end of an era for Hangar 3’s support to operations, it makes way for a brand new facility in preparation for the arrival of F-35 Lightning at RAF Marham.

The replacement hangar is destined to be the F-35 Lightning Maintenance and Finish Facility, which will provide the ability to perform in-depth maintenance, repair, upgrade and surface finish work on F-35 Lightning aircraft.  The new building will provide a necessary step-up in capability from that which it replaces, meeting 5th generation maintenance requirements and future-proofing support to operations for the next era.  Not only will the facility have state-of-the art appeal, but the enhanced structure means that 38 tennis courts would be able to fit inside when complete!

More updates to follow.

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