National Pubwatch

Did you know, both the SWO and RAF Police at Marham attend the monthly Pubwatch meetings in King’s Lynn.

The Pubwatch scheme has been in place for some time now and is designed to assist landlords in the sharing information of everyone banned from pubs and clubs via a secure website. The local police continue to work closely with the area’s Pubwatch Scheme and the Borough Council’s CCTV Operators to identify anyone causing problems in pubs and clubs.

The system means anyone causing problems will be issued with a banning notice. The notice remains in force for six months at all the members’ premises, which include town centre pubs and nightclubs in King’s Lynn, Hunstanton and Downham Market as well as RAF Marham.

The original scheme was set up in the mid 1990s but the advance of technology now means the details, including a photo, can be instantly uploaded and shared with managers and door staff.

Violence, threats, damage, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, drugs, racism, homophobic abuse, carrying a weapon and buying drinks for those who are under-age are all likely to result in a ban – and anyone caught trying to breach the ban will find themselves barred for a further six months.

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