Narbourgh Airfield Memorial Undergoes Face Lift

Narb Airfield

The Narborough Airfield memorial has recently been undergone a facelift with a protective surrounding fence having been added in addition to a shingle base.

The work was instigated by the Narborough Parish Council, Pete Wilkinson, pictured on the left in the photograph who is also a member of the Marham MT Section. He, together with Parish Council Secretary David Burchell, who is also a member of the Narborough Airfield Research Group, were moved to ensure the memorial maintained it’s pristine condition by the floral tributes that were recently laid at its base in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby, who was recently attacked and killed near his barracks in Woolwich, London.

The memorial which was unveiled in 2011 by MRAF Sir Michael Beetham, commemorates all the airmen and women who served at the base during WWI and sits in what was once the middle of the main airfield complex, this being situated in and around what is now the T junction of the top of Marham and Narborough roads. The road that runs between Narborough and crash gate 5 ran actually ran through the middle of the airfield itself and although much quieter then in terms of traffic, it was still not an ideal situation. However, following the end of WWI Narborough and Marham airfields were both closed with only Marham being reopened in the late 30s shortly prior to the start of WWII.

The Narborough Airfield museum is situated in Narborough village and further details about the once busy airfield can be found at: