Men at Work Around the Community Support Hub & Shops

Had to struggle getting the Buggy into the Spar Shop whilst holding the doors open or were frightened your child might catch their fingers in the doors?

Well this will be a thing of the past shortly, all the shops and the CS Hub are having new automatic doors fitted along with new windows.

Additional work is being done at the same time to install ramps, lower level counters (Spar and Post Office), Disabled parking, lowering of curbs and more.

For all this work to be completed by the end of March, for some periods, some of the shops may be running restricted opening times or reduced operating space within the shops.

Please can we ask that you keep an eye on young children and be aware of the reduced parking behind the shops.

Any closures or restrictions will be advertised on Scrolling News on Camp and on the Marhamhub bulletin board

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