Memorial Garden

The Royal Air Force and Defence Fire Service Association Committee asked members, to look into the possibility of a permanent memorial to RAF fire fighters who had passed away.

Numerous association members had attended a families day and pointed out that a memorial garden to Warrant Officer Charles Framingham existed on the fire section at RAF Marham, but was in a sorrowful condition. It was proposed and passed by the members and minuted that the RAF and DFS Association make a donation of £1,000 towards renovation of the water feature and the provision of an Association memorial plaque to departed colleagues.

Association members Geoff Varley, Howard Harper and John Savage acted as liaison officers for the Association, and at a meeting on the Fire Section at RAF Marham discussed the proposed renovation with then SFireO, Warrant Officer Dave Starkings, who informed Association members that the renovation had been approved by the Station Commander.

A subsequent visit to the Fire Section by Howard revealed that work had commenced, and in addition to the £1,000 donated by the Association, a sum of £1,000 was donated from RAF Marham station funds.

On Wednesday 26th October the final piece of the jigsaw was handed over to the Station Fire Officer, Warrant Officer Dave Tudge at RAF Marham Fire Section by Howard Harper and Geoff Varley on behalf of the Royal Air Force and Defence Fire Service Association, the Association Memorial plaque will stand alongside the memorial plaque in memory of Warrant Officer Charles Framingham adjacent to the water feature.