Marham Schools Jubilee Letter Winners

Congratulations to both Finn Knight and Grace Marvin who won the Jubilee letter writing competition, their letters will be forwarded to HM The Queen and are printed below. Well done also to Infant runners up Daniel Knott and Summer Edwards and Junior runners up; Nicole Wolstanholme and Kira Dowsett.’

Marham Junior School, Tuesday 29th May 2012

Dear Madam,

My name is grace and I am 11 years old. How are you? I’m writing to congratulate you on your Diamond Jubilee. I am extremely interested in the Royal Family. When William and Kate got married I watched it all day (she looked so pretty!)!

I understand that you enjoy horse racing, I have been riding horses for three yearsmow and I absolutely love it!

I heard that you can speak French. It’s really fun and easy to learn.

Every year for four years I have been going to Sandringham on Christmas day. What sort of gifts do you get for Christmas? Last year, I got a laptop!! It feels really good seeing the Royal Family!

You have quite a few Corgi’s, don’t you? Earlier this year I was flicking through a book about dogs and was what type of corgi you have and how many.

Do you ever get lost inside your Palace? Until I was in Year 3, I thought that Kings and Queens lived in big castle with a moat and drawbridge.

How did you feel at your corination? I’m sure you looked wonderful! I think that purple really suites you and I also think that you have a really nice smile.

I would like to comment on the fact that you have raised four lovely childrenwho have grown to be amazing people!

To celebrate your Jubilee I am going to two street parties. One in the street behind us and one in a street where my Mum’s friend lives. How will you celebrate?

Whilst you have been Queen what has been your favourite moment? In addition how does it feel being the second longest reigning monarch?

Every year you do a Christmas broadcast. What was, it like doing your first one?

It has been lovely writing to you! Good luck on your continued reign – hopefully you will reign longer than Queen Victoria!!

Yours faithfully Grace Morrin



Marham Infant school, Tuesday 29th May.

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I think you are a wondifle Queen and you look splendid. I am Finn Knight and I am 7. I hav some qwestons for you. Do you hav a electric tooth brush? Do you hav a bunc bed?

Love from Finn xxx

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