Marham Infant School

Marham Infant School constantly seeks new ways to improve the education for the children.

Whilst employing a dog might not be on the top of everyone’s list Rachel Purcell and Heidi were recently a welcome addition to the school team.

Over a period of six weeks Rachel and Heidi visited the school and supported children with reading and speaking aloud. There is a growing amount of research in the United States that demonstrates the use of dogs helps children relax and become more confident when talking.

Headteacher, Michaela Webb, explained that all children thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Heidi and as their confidence grew within a small group so it continued into the classroom. ‘Heidi proved to be a great hit with all the staff and children in the school and everyone looked forward to their weekly visits’.

Pictured: Heidi, enjoying her time with children at Marham Infant School.

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