Marham Customer Assistance Point (CAP) Street Lighting

Winter is now here and with UK daylight saving hours bringing the dark nights earlier I would like to offer some information on how and where to report broken street lighting.

The street lights in Upper Marham are maintained and repaired by Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) and we have provided two methods of reporting any you may notice not working.

The first is by calling the MHS helpdesk on 0800 707 6000, Option 1. You will need to provide the helpdesk advisor with the location of the street light and also the serial number (this can be found on the post).

Alternatively you can report broken street lights online by going to the Marham Hub internet page and completing the online form.

Completing this form provides the best way to ensure we are able to get complete and accurate information. Once we have all of the information required MHS will send out an engineer to investigate and where possible repair the light.

In the first instance we would always ask that if you see a street light not working please report it by using one of the above methods so that we can investigate to see if it needs repairing. However we are aware of some individual street lights at Marham that are currently not working and cannot be immediately repaired. This is due to individual street lights requiring power transfers by the electricity supplier and this is currently being investigated by Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

As always I would like to remind people that if you have any ongoing housing issues or any other housing related queries you wish to discuss face to face then please call into the CAP office at 3 Woodview Road, co-located with the SCSO. Opening times are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-13:30 hrs.