Marham Bulls Match Report

Marham Bulls 52 – 6 Halton/High Wycombe Bulldogs

A strong Marham side took the long bus ride down to Halton to face Halton/High Wycombe Bulldogs in the quarter final of the RAF Cup. Losing this game would mean the end of the rugby season for Marham despite having an extremely high record of wins, so the lads arrived knowing defeat was not an option.

The game kicked off after a well drilled warm-up session with Dave Lamacraft as Captain, running out the side. The early stages of the game had Marham high on the defensive not allowing anything to break through their line. Great defensive work and tackling from Lamacraft, Parle and Maxwell helped to keep the opposition at bay but sadly the ref saw it another way leading to the first chance for Halton/High Wycombe to secure some points with a penalty kick. This didn’t deter the Marham boys who came fighting back with great running lines from Hodgeson and Gelder and also some fantastic teamwork from the forwards. The loss of Parle for ten minutes led to another kick at goal for Halton/High Wycombe who secured another three points.

Straight off the next kick off Marham won the ball back through an amazing turn over by the forwards, Hodgeson shipped out the ball wide to Fincham who secured the first try of the game which was then converted by Dunn putting Marham 7-6 up. From there on the floodgates opened with tries scored by both Hodgeson and Blewitt with great individual runs, both converted by Dunn.

Halton/High Wycombe were not put off by the score and came out fighting for the beginning of the second half. However, Williams, fighting back with a great tackle, was binned as the ref deemed it to be dangerous. Once more down to 14 men the Marham side continued to play as a well-connected team with Hodgeson scoring two more tries which were not converted. Not content with their 31 – 6 lead Marham went on to make changes to the squad which did not affect the winning line-outs and scrums which had been displayed throughout the game.

With Williams back from the bin the lead was increased. Great line-out work from Gibbons, Lamacroft, Parle and Saunders led to a quick ball which was then recycled and passed eventually to Williams who took advantage of this by planting it firmly between the goal posts. Dunn easily converted the try. With only four minutes to go man of the match, Hodgeson, was forced to retire early due to injury and was replaced by Asbo. This in turn brought Gelder to inside centre and Terzza to outside centre. The game was restarted with a scrum which Marham won confidently and with a quick ball from Blewitt and perfect hands from Dunn the ball ended up in Terzza’s hands who goose-stepped the full back to score the final try of the game. Dunn’s final kick of the game increased the score to an impressive 52-6 and Marham could celebrate their place in the semi-finals.

Man of the match was awarded to Hodgeson for his hat trick as well as his amazing running lines and supporting lines. Hodgeson also won an award for his fantastic understanding of the rules of rugby.

Marham have a friendly against Honnington on 7th March before they face Lossiemouth in the semi-finals of the RAF cup at Halton on 21st March.

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