Marathon Month Deployed RAF Personnel Run 52 Marathons For Charity

A team from RAF Marham based Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing, serving in Afghanistan ran 52 marathons in 31 days in order to raise money for a six-year-old girl diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia (AT), a rare and complex genetic disorder.

The Imagery Analysts, serving at 904 Expeditionary Air Wing, Kandahar, attempted to run as many marathons as they could in 31 days in order to raise money for the AT Charity. The seven volunteers started running on Boxing Day and planned to complete over 50 marathons by 25th January 2013.

Flight Sergeant Martin “Marv” Hine, Sgt Charlie Clements, and SAC Lian Bushell, pledged to run an accumulative half marathon every day. Their daily routine started at 5am where they ran an hour before work, then completed the remaining distance when work permitted. All the team ran on a treadmill, except for the last day where they ran around the Boardwalk, the central welfare facility in Kandahar.

The event was in order to raise money for Lola Bloomer, (3), the daughter of a friend of Marham colleague Kevin McGregor, who is diagnosed with AT, a rare and complex genetic disorder. When Marv heard of her condition he just had to help, so Charlie and Marv came up with the idea of Marathon Month. They raised £1,178 and completed an accumulative 52 Marathons in the 31 days!

Marv stated: “This really is a tough challenge and harder than anything I’ve done before. After seeing a picture of Lola’s beautiful smile I was moved by the thought of her suffering and thought there must be something we can do to help.”

Lian said: “I am running because this seemed like a challenge that would really test me physically and mentally.”

Charlie added: “An amazing challenge for an amazing little girl.”

Donations for Marathon Month can be carried out on line, at:

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