Looking After Your Home in the Winter

What can I do to prevent damage to my heating and plumbing system during cold weather?
You can prepare for cold weather by locating the position of the water main stopcock in your Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and checking that it operates in case you need it. You should also report to your prime contracting helpdesk any taps and cisterns that require attention and also any damage to insulation on outside pipe work.

During severe weather you are responsible for ensuring that the temperature in your SFA does not fall below 15°C. Keep doors of rooms without heating open to allow heat to circulate. In severe weather conditions, you could also slightly open your loft hatch to allow some warm air into the loft pipes.

What about outdoor pipes?
You need to take special care with pipes leading outside the house. For outside taps you should shut off any isolating stopcock when not in use, and leave taps open. If you are unsure about what to do, please contact your maintenance contract helpdesk.

What precautions should I take if I am going away in cold or severe weather?
You are responsible for ensuring that adequate frost damage precautions are taken, as you could be liable for damage if it occurs. You should therefore:
• Leave your central heating on permanently with the room thermostat set to a minimum of 15°C.
• Turn all radiator valves on to full, leave all internal doors open and slightly open your loft hatch if appropriate.
• Where possible, leave your keys with a trusted neighbour and ask them to check the house regularly.

For all emergency housing repairs please call Modern Housing Solutions 0800 707 6000.

For all DIO housing enquiries please call Thetford Housing Information Centre on 0800 169 6322 (Option 2). Please note that the HIC will be closed from 23rd December – 3rd January.

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