Leaving the Service on Redundancy Vacating Service Families Accommodation

Normal rules for vacating your SFA apply.

You should inform the Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC Thetford 94510 8000) of your final day of service, and plan to vacate your SFA by this date.

Successful applicants (those on six months’ notice) may be permitted to remain in their SFA for up to 93 days after the date of discharge at entitled rates; after that, an extension of up to 93 days at non-entitled SFA charge may be granted on compassionate grounds.

Non-application: those on 12 months’ notice may also apply for permission on compassionate grounds to stay in SFA for up to 93 days after discharge date at non-entitled rates.

This is just a basic outline of the rules; any question you may have should be addressed to the SCSO in the CS Hub or PSF.

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