Latest News from II(AC)Sqn

Since the last article from the world’s oldest fixed wing squadron, we have settled into the routine here in Afghanistan. The weather has continued to be challenging and varies from one extreme to another, with snow and hail on one day, through to clear blue skies and hot temperatures the next! The average temperatures are increasing, but with that comes more dust storms and the dreaded mosquitoes!

Op HERRICK for the squadron remains varied and ranges from Tactical Reconnaissance sorties using the RAPTOR pod, to Close Air Support (CAS) scrambles, although thankfully there are very few of those at present. All of which is to support the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops on the ground and to assist with the stabilisation Afghanistan prior to the Afghan Forces taking over responsibility for their own internal security towards the end of this year.

We have recently said goodbye to Flt Lt Cornthwaite who has left us to become a QFI, we wish him luck in his future role. We have also had several new squadron members arrive, with Flt Lts’ Dale, Lawson, Shields and Howard joining II(AC)Sqn and Flt Lts’ Howard and Curry guesting with us during the Deployment. It’s always nice to welcome new squadron members aboard and we hope our guest members will be able to benefit from their fortunate experiences of working with the world’s senior fixed wing squadron! Thanks must also go to Sgt Dalby who joined us for the first few months out in theatre. His efforts at the operations desk contributed enormously to the smooth running of the daily flying programme.

Whilst off duty, II(AC) Squadron’s secondary goals is to raise funds for charity. We have several ongoing projects including our own version of Great East Anglia Run (GEAR), running 10km in May and the squadron’s main effort of the 102,000km challenge, chosen because this year marks 102 years of continuous operations by II(AC) Squadron. So far this we have raised over £2,000 for RAFA and the Litcham and Swaffham Home Hospice. The idea is that as a unit, we all log the distances we cover in the gym during Op HERRICK and aim to achieve the target by the end of the deployment. So far we have covered over 54,000km at just over half way through the deployment, with the fittest and most motivated individuals covering well over 1,000km each!
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