Keeping Dogs in Service Families Accommodation

• The name and address of the owner must be inscribed on the dog’s collar.
• The Licensee is responsible for keeping the pet(s) under control at all times.
• The pet(s) must be prevented from causing nuisance, including barking and fouling footpaths and public areas.

If a dog fouls at any time and the person in charge of the dog fails to clean up the faeces, they may be in breach of their license to have a pet.

Dogs are not permitted in Children’s play areas.
• The owner/Licensee must comply with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
• The Licensee is to ensure that pet(s) do not damage the fabric of the building, spoil the makeup of the garden area or cause damage to perimeter fencing/boarding.
• The Licensee is to notify Defence Infrastructure Organisation Housing if there is any change to the information provided.