Jon Egging Trust Visit to IX(B) Sqn

Thirty pupils from Downham Market Academy picked a very rainy Thursday to visit RAF Marham and the home of the RAF’s ‘premier’ Bomber Squadron, the bats of IX(B) Sqn.

The group of pupils represented an age range of between 12 and 18 years old and comprised of pupils taking part in the Blue Skies programme as well as those particularly interested in a career in the Royal Air Force.

The morning kicked off with an intelligence update from the Squadron Intelligence Officer, on the various theatres of Operations the RAF is involved in worldwide. This put into context the training and daily business the pupils would experience throughout their day on the Squadron. Next up was an interactive brief by the visit coordinator, a IX(B) Sqn Weapons Instructor or as they used to called a Navigator, on his time and experiences in the RAF over the last 10 years. The aim of this talk was to break the ice and give a warts and all, honest account of life in the RAF. This not only allowed the pupils to get to know him, but also got the pupils asking some interesting questions such as ‘how do you go to the toilet in an aircraft?’

After each pupil and member of staff introduced themselves with an interesting fact about them, (again, an enlightening exercise!), two volunteers donned a full set of flying kit and were able to experience the less glamorous side of flying a fast jet.

The pupils enjoyed a treat of pizza and chips for lunch in the Squadron feeder. This was followed by a Met brief for the aircrew and a tour around the squadron in which they planned a bombing run on their school!

The day culminated in a guided tour round an aircraft with a chance to see the Squadron engineers in action.

After a quick debrief and round up of the day from the JET teaching coordinator Sam Heeps, the pupils departed RAF Marham having hopefully enjoyed a wet, but exciting and informative day at IX(B) Sqaudron.

Jon Egging Trust

The Jon Egging Trust (JET) was set up in honour of Flt Lt Jon Egging, who tragically lost his life on the 20th August 2011 whilst completing an air display at the Bournemouth Air Festival; he was coming to the end of his first year with the world famous Red Arrows aerobatic team.

Jon was passionate about inspiring young people through a love of flying and enthusiasm for teamwork. The JET was set up to realise his dream of supporting young people to be the best they can be.

RAF Marham has supported the JET for the past three years by facilitating the Trust’s ‘Blue Skies’ Teamwork and Leadership programme. This year’s programme commenced in March at Downham Market Academy with  an inspiration and introduction session for 30 children. Over the next few weeks the children will complete a total of 11 teamwork and leadership sessions at RAF Marham, culminating in the children completing an end of course presentation at Downham Market Academy in July.

As well as organising the Blue Skies programme the RAF Marham JET Committee is aiming to raise funds to cover the cost of the programme to the JET, a target of approximately £13,000. The committee are planning a number of activities to raise the funds including sponsored challenges, approaches to local business, a golf competition and days out to local events, including Newmarket races. If you are interested in helping with the Blue Skies programme or would like to help with the fundraising activities, please contact either Sqn Ldr Dunc Clark (Chair, ext 3804), Flt Lt Ian Snelling (Blue Skies Lead, Ext: 6667) or Flt Lt Mitch Davison (Fundraising Lead, Ext: 3841).

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