IX(B) Squadron News Best Practice Event

Last month, IX(B) Sqn held a Best Practice Event which brought together a number of class-leading UK organisations with the aim of improving operational performance and efficiency through the sharing of best practice, innovative ideas and experiential learning.

The event was attended by a host of internal and external organisations including NHS, RR, BAE Systems, RAF Flight Safety and HQ STAR, all of whom, although different in purpose and function, face similar challenges in terms of team building, continuity of output, challenges to both funding and morale, and the necessity to prevent failure.

Topic themes included ‘Integrated Approach to Event Management’, ‘Reintroducing Change on a Front-Line Squadron’, ‘Managing Output During Change’ and ‘Just Reporting and Just Culture’. The event was considered to be a success, with considerable debate throughout the day on areas such as Key Performance Indicators, performance reporting, the most efficient use of data, handover procedures and more. More importantly though, it allowed all organisations an opportunity to reflect on what their own organisations does well (and not so well), and how that performance stands up when compared to other organisations.

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